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Bug#988297: README.Debian contains instructions that result in RC bugs in other packages

Hello Nicholas,

On Sun, May 09, 2021 at 06:32:13PM -0400, Nicholas D Steeves wrote:
> README.Debian contains the obsolete and now harmful requirement to run
> (package-initialize) in init.el.

Thanks for reporting this bug. I've prepared a fix[0] but it will need
a sponsored upload.

  [0] https://salsa.debian.org/emacsen-team/zenburn-emacs/-/commit/b6aae5d7d18aa4088803c998d11dcfcfef90f4ad

> And on the topic of unblocks, I see that zenburn-emacs doesn't have
> autopkgtests, which are an automatic migration requirement.  As this
> package does not appear to contain tests of any kind, it may be
> advantageous to Raúl if this bug was RC, because an RC bug that
> justifies an unblock will allow his work to be included in Bullseye.

This makes sense to me. My only concern is if it's really justifiable
to put extra load on the release team for something that seems
minor. If you think it is, please feel free to raise the severity. The
fix is already on the git repo. :-)

> I'm also wondering if src:emacs should also do something like provide
> a NEWS file and/or check user config for 'package-initialize' and warn
> in the modeline.

I think a note on the NEWS file could be useful. It would have helped
me for sure, as I wasn't aware of the package-initialize change.

By the way, I think you may have the fastest record on the time it
takes between adopting a package and getting a new bug reported on
it. :-)

Raúl Benencia

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