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Bug#988297: README.Debian contains instructions that result in RC bugs in other packages

Source: zenburn-emacs
Version: 2.6-3
Severity: important

README.Debian contains the obsolete and now harmful requirement to run
(package-initialize) in init.el.  Package-initialize is now executed
automatically in between early-init.el and init.el, and continuing to
call it from init.el (or one of the many alternative '~/.emacs'
locations) results in RC bugs like #987683 (see bug for discussion
about the bug type).  This bug in zenburn-emacs docs is arguably
release critical.

On the upside, if it's RC then ftpmasters may approve an unblock :-)

And on the topic of unblocks, I see that zenburn-emacs doesn't have
autopkgtests, which are an automatic migration requirement.  As this
package does not appear to contain tests of any kind, it may be
advantageous to Raúl if this bug was RC, because an RC bug that
justifies an unblock will allow his work to be included in Bullseye.

I'm also wondering if src:emacs should also do something like provide
a NEWS file and/or check user config for 'package-initialize' and warn
in the modeline.


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