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Bug#987683: crashes with "Wrong type argument: (or eieio-object class), nil, obj"

On 2021-04-28 20:34:26, Lev Lamberov wrote:
> Ср 28 апр 2021 @ 08:50 Antoine Beaupré <anarcat@debian.org>:
>> Control: severity -1 normal
>> On 2021-04-28 09:00:46, Lev Lamberov wrote:
>>> Hi Antoine,
>>> Вт 27 апр 2021 @ 13:53 Antoine Beaupre <anarcat@debian.org>:
>>> I have elpa-esup installed for a long time and I cannot reproduce the
>>> bug on my machine. Running esup starts another GNU Emacs session and
>>> gives me a proper report on startup like the following excerpt:
>> Oh interesting! Maybe that's why it works, since the bytecode is older?
> Well, each update of GNU Emacs and at least sometimes updates of dh-elpa
> trigger recompilation of all installed packages. On my machine file
> /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/elpa/esup-0.7.1/esup.elc starts with
> ```
> ;ELC^W^@^@^@
> ;;; Compiled
> ;;; in Emacs version 27.1
> ;;; with all optimizations.
> ```
> That is, it was recompiled at least with installation of GNU Emacs 27.1,
> which was first uploaded to unstable on 2020-10-24, but I still remember
> that there were more recompilation of all installed packages recently
> (probably, even on 2021-04-07 when Emacs 1:27.1+1-3.1 entered testing).

Mine says the same.


>>> So, may it be a bug in dh-elpa or GNU Emacs itself?
>> Maybe! This is way beyond my elisp-fu unfortunately.
>> One key information I have just discovered is that I can't reproduce
>> with `emacs -q`. So this is probably an interaction with my .emacs.d
>> configuration and the package, unfortunately. Downgrading severity.
> It makes it a bit trickier. There another package, elpa-bug-hunter
> [elpa-bug-hunter], which automatically debug and bisect your init.el or
> .emacs file. It may be worth t try it with your config.
> [elpa-bug-hunter] https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/elisp-bug-hunter

Thanks, I'll try that next.

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