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Bug#958955: Update package description wrt Puppet 3

Control: tag -1 upstream

Hi Moritz,

Moritz Muehlenhoff <jmm@debian.org> writes:

> Source: puppet-mode
> Version: 0.4-1
> Severity: minor
> The short description currently reads "major mode for Puppet 3 manifests in Emacs",
> which sounds as if the support were limited to older Puppet versions, let's
> simply use "major mode for Puppet manifests in Emacs"? After all the mode supports
> keywords of the current 5.x releases just fine.

I'm not sure why the upstream description specifies "Puppet 3", but if I
had to speculate it might be because 0.4 doesn't support all Puppet 5
keywords.  Do you know if support for Puppet 5 manifests is complete in
this version?

At any rate, would you like to open an upstream issue, or would you
prefer if I do so?


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