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Bug#927678: elpa-beginend installs but is not accessible in emacs

Hi Damon,

Сб 20 апр 2019 @ 21:48 Damon Thomas <asmegir@gmail.com>:

> After install of elpa-beginend (and restart of Emacs) the package does not seem to be present in Emacs.  Using '(beginend-global-mode)' in the init gives an error that the command is not available and M-x shows no signs of elpa-beginend being installed. This has persisted through several Emacs restarts.

Could you confirm that (as Rémi suggested) your Emacs init file contains
'(package-initialize)' (without quotation marks), or that beginend still
does not work after

  M-x package-initialize
  M-x beginend-global-mode

In case it solves your problem, please, close the bug report by sending
an explanation to 927678-done@bugs.debian.org. Thanks!

If it does not solve you problem, I'd like you to know that I've tried
to reproduce the bug you report on several different machines, but with
no luck. That's why I mark the bug report as unreproducible.

With regards,
Lev Lamberov

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