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Bug#927678: elpa-beginend installs but is not accessible in emacs

Le 20 avril 2019, Damon Thomas a écrit:



> After install of elpa-beginend (and restart of Emacs) the package does
> not seem to be present in Emacs.  Using '(beginend-global-mode)' in
> the init gives an error that the command is not available and M-x
> shows no signs of elpa-beginend being installed. This has persisted
> through several Emacs restarts.


  M-x package-initialize
  M-x beginend-global-mode

If this work, you probably need to add '(package-initialize)' somewhere
in your init file (probably first thing in the init file). Recent Debian
package use the Emacs package service, and it need initializing.

Rémi Vanicat

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