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Re: [Pkg-emacsen-addons] Bug#917050: Hangs infinitely when compiling for emacs 1:26.1+1-2

reassign 917050 mmm-mode
reassign 917052 mmm-mode
reassign 917072 mmm-mode 0.5.7-2
forcemerge 917072 917050 917052
affects 917072 + elpa-xml-rpc elpa-markdown-mode elpa-lua-mode emacs emacs-gtk

Hi David,

David Bremner wrote:
> > mmm-mode is btw. a third case which showed up. This one showed up on
> > both machines. The order of compiling the modules looks a little bit
> > random, so it seems to depend a lot on which affected module is
> > compiled first...

Thanks for looking into this so thoroughly

In the meanwhile also lua-mode showed this behaviour for me.

> That one I can replicate (or a related problem). In a clean sid chroot:
> 1) install emacs-gtk (1:26.1+1-2)
> 2) install mmm-mode
> For me that reliably hangs during byte compilation.

Ah, ok.

So there maybe a chance that, because quite some other modules are
loaded for byte-compiling the remaining ones, that mmm-mode caused all
the other hanging compilations? Let's check.

Hence I removed mmm-mode for now from my system. Next "dpkg
--configure --pending" broke at elpa-smex which you mentioned that you
didn't install it either, due to an RC bug I guess. So I removed that
one, too. Same for elpa-persp-projectile which failed, too.

With these three changes, all emacs configured fine and all these
erlpa packages compiled fine, too.

Hence reassigning all other bugs to the one against mmm-mode (and
reassigning that one from source package to binary package) and
setting according "affects". (Bcc'ed control@bugs.d.o)

Thanks again for your help tracking this down.

P.S.: I assume "installing all elpa packages" didn't inlcude mmm-mode
as it doesn't have the "elpa-" prefix. Hence it's clear why you didn't
run into this even with that test. :-)

		Regards, Axel
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