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Bug#911642: please extend long desc (eg: why sesman is not a normal session manager)

Package: sesman
Version: 0.3.3-1
Severity: normal

Hi Sean,

Just following up on our conversation in #debian-emacs before I hit
another busy week and forget.  I took a look at the upstream README.md
to better inform this bug, to not be totally ignorant.


I noticed that while upstream states that IDEs are the primary focus,
the project is a "Generic Session Manager for Emacs".  Given that it
can manage non-Emacs processes I wonder if it would be useful for
building custom non-IDE sessions for specific tasks.

If that seems like too much work then it seems like
'desktop-save-mode' from desktop.el (built-in) should be recommended
in the long description for users who just want something simple to
save their buffers when they quit and restore them when they start a
new session--this is the most basic form of session management.

It sounds like sesman can do a lot more, if only because it is
designed to save and restore multiple named states.  I suspect that it
has great utility when task switching between radically different
complicated projects.  So the two things I'd like to see are:

1) Very short differences between the built-in desktop.el and sesman
2) Info that would help a dev determine if sesman could be useful (or not)
   for their project outside of the CIDER, ESS, Geiser, Robe, SLIME context.


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