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Re: Bug#911582: emacspeak does'nt work after upgrading emacs

Michelangelo Rodriguez <michelangelo.rodriguez@gmail.com> writes:

> *** Reporter, please consider answering these questions, where
> appropriate *** after upgrading emacs in unstable, emacsen-common
> install script for emacspeak exits because flavour emacs is not
> accepted by script.

Since emacspeak only supports gnu emacs, and it already has elpa
metadata (in emacspeak-pkg.el), it might be a good candidate for
conversion to declarative packaging using dh_elpa, instead of custom
emacsen-install. OTOH, your emacsen-install script is doing several
things other than byte-compilation, so those would have to move to a
normal postinst file.

Another fix that works for some packages is just to delete the

        if [ ${FLAVOR} = emacs ]; then exit 0; fi

and deal with whatever fallout that creates.

If you have any questions about using dh_elpa, feel free to contact us
at debian-emacsen@lists.debian.org, or #debian-emacs on irc.oftc.net


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