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Bug#909522: emacs-goodies-el: questionable Depends/Recommends


On Mon, Sep 24, 2018 at 07:55:41PM +0200, Sven Joachim wrote:
> There are several dependencies/recommendations in emacs-goodies-el which
> look questionable to me.
> - elpa-debian-el, elpa-dpkg-dev-el, elpa-devscripts:
>   Those packages are the successors of debian-el, dpkg-dev-el and
>   devscripts-el which used to be built from the emacs-goodies-el source
>   package.  But the emacs-goodies-el _binary_ package in Stretch did not
>   depend on those, so why have these dependencies be introduced now?

I'm not sure.  David, 'git blame' says you're the one to ask.  Maybe
these could be downgraded to suggests in the next release?

My apologies for upgrading them to hard Depends.  You're absolutely
right Sven, they shouldn't be introduced as hard deps now.

> - bash (>= 2.05a) | bash-static, dpkg (>= 1.15.4) | install-info:
>   This seems to be (harmless) cruft that should be removed.
> - wget, perl-doc (both in Recommends):
>   Probably useless for the few lisp files still shipped in
>   emacs-goodies-el.  I think perl-doc was recommended because perldoc.el
>   needed it, don't really know why wget was put into Recommends.

I had been waiting to do this until goodies had become a dummy
transitional package (hopefully 42.0 can be the last version :-p), but
yes, I'm happy to remove deps that are no longer required for 41.x

Policy 3.9.5 and compat 9 are new enough that we probably don't need
to worry about dpkg or install-info.  Bash seems to have been there
for the devscripts package so I'll remove it right now.  As for wget?
It was there for debbugs-el and dpkg-dev-el, so it is also safe to
remove now.  The two sets from the above quoted section have been
fixed in git.


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