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Bug#909522: emacs-goodies-el: questionable Depends/Recommends

Package: emacs-goodies-el
Version: 41.0

There are several dependencies/recommendations in emacs-goodies-el which
look questionable to me.

- elpa-debian-el, elpa-dpkg-dev-el, elpa-devscripts:
  Those packages are the successors of debian-el, dpkg-dev-el and
  devscripts-el which used to be built from the emacs-goodies-el source
  package.  But the emacs-goodies-el _binary_ package in Stretch did not
  depend on those, so why have these dependencies be introduced now?

- bash (>= 2.05a) | bash-static, dpkg (>= 1.15.4) | install-info:
  This seems to be (harmless) cruft that should be removed.

- wget, perl-doc (both in Recommends):
  Probably useless for the few lisp files still shipped in
  emacs-goodies-el.  I think perl-doc was recommended because perldoc.el
  needed it, don't really know why wget was put into Recommends.

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