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dh-make-elpa ?


I just have read the Debian Projects News, about this "new" tool.

Even if I am not sure to get the concrete issues with MELPA or ELPA,
for sure the Debian QA and the well-integration (reproductible etc.)
appear to me topics to create such tools.

However, I miss a point about the use case and the end-user workflow.

One of the main advantage of `package.el` combined to `use-package` is
that it works without any administrator privileges. Therefore, I can
use some exotic add-ons on my lab computer without querying the always
busy sysadmin. (that's why I am also using `conda` or `cRan` and I am
testing Guix, whatever!).

I did not find too much information, so my question is: the idea
behind such tools and the aim of `elpa-*` packages is to add Debian
infrastructure to (M)ELPA, keeping the flexibility of `package.el` ?
I mean, is it possible to install `elpa-*` package without
administrator privilege ? e.g., with the option `:ensure t` of
`use-package` ? Or before I need  to install system-wide the `elpa-*`
package by APT tools ?

I am not sure that my question makes sense.

All the best

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