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Re: Wishlist bug for repackaging of dash-el ? (Was Re: Cask & dependencies)

David Bremner <david@tethera.net> writes:

> Rémi Vanicat <vanicat@debian.org> writes:
>> By the way, I converted magit to dh-elpa, but I didn't move its Debian
>> git repository (it still in collab-maint). Should I move it? Otherwise
>> we should add a wiki page on package not in the team git's repository.
> If we want to be able to do global changes (including, but not limited
> to mass rebuilds) to team packages, then it's probably best to have them
> all in team git repos.
>> Are non dh-elpa Emacs debian package reproducible? I believe they are
>> not (I might be wrong), so we don't lose much by switching. That said It
>> would be best if the change was made before too many package are
>> converted, as it will certainly require a rebuild.
> I believe non dh-elpa Emacas addons packages escape this particular
> problem because they (typically) don't generate autoloads files.

I've tried a little, and something like:

#+begin_src emacs-lisp
   (defun dhelpa-clean-timestamp (date-of-changelog)
     (let* ((time (date-to-time date-of-changelog))
            (replace-string (format "\\1%s" time)))
       (while (search-forward-regexp "^\\(;;;###.*\\)([0-9\n ;]+)" nil t)
         (replace-match replace-string))))

if run from a buffer visiting the -autoload.el file as

  (dhelpa-clean-timestamp "Sun, 29 Nov 2015 19:35:57 +0100")

will replace the timestamp using the given date (using the date from the
changelog seem a good choice here).

Reading Emacs source, it seem that Emacs can generate autoloads that use
md5 in place of timestamp. But I see no way to do it for elpa
package. (I'm not even sure about how to do in any cases).
Rémi Vanicat

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