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notes from yesterdays meeting at debconf

The following notes are probably totally incorrect and in no way 

** conclusions

- melpa does not use the packages versions but timestamps. That breaks 
  We don't consider melpa as a useful metadata source.

** easy decisions

- prefix: elpa- at least for those packages that use dh_elpa
  if you're installing into site-list/elpa, than you should elpa-
- We use one git repository for every upstream package
- We keep the upstream source in the packaging git repository
- We'd like to set up pet for our team
- We want to have our own namespace and group for git repositories:
  "pkg-emacs" (probably ask broonie@debian.org before settling)
- David wants to look into providing an --with-elpa option for dh?

** further questions

- Why doesn't the trigger mechanism work for us to byte-compile?
- What is el-get? Is it helpful for us?

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