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Re: proposal to (maybe) use "elpa-" package prefix for emacs lisp packages

Josh Triplett <josh@joshtriplett.org> writes:

>> > Could this system support byte-compilation in the future?
>> >
>> If nothing else, it could use the existing emacsen-common setup with a

I've updated the helper tool [2] and my sample package-in-progress [3]
to do byte compilation based on the existing emacsen-common
infrastructure. This is transparent to the user except needing a
runtime-dependence on emacsen-common so that the "generated" maintainer
scripts can run. I say "generated" because really they are just copied
from template files installed by the dh-elpa package. In special
circumstances (e.g. the dh-elpa package itself) where byte-compilation
is not worthwhile, it can be disabled by passing a flag to dh_elpa.

[2]: git://pivot.cs.unb.ca/dh-elpa.git

[3]: git://pivot.cs.unb.ca/circe.git

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