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Re: proposal to (maybe) use "elpa-" package prefix for emacs lisp packages

David Bremner wrote:
> I've just uploaded to experimental/NEW a packaging helper called dh_elpa
> (for the punny among you, pronounced D-helpa) that installs upstream
> emacs lisp "packages" for GNU emacs in a way that is compatible with the
> native "elpa" packaging system [1].  Currently this has the limitation
> that it doesn't deal with byte compilation at all, but for lots of
> simple packages it works fine without it, and it means the resulting
> packages can be maintainer-script free.

Great to eliminate another class of maintainer scripts in favor of
something declarative.  Does this require triggers, or no action at all
at installation time?

Could this system support byte-compilation in the future?

For that matter, is there any fundamental reason that byte-compilation
couldn't occur at package build time on the buildds, rather than at
installation time?

- Josh Triplett

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