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proposal to (maybe) use "elpa-" package prefix for emacs lisp packages

I've just uploaded to experimental/NEW a packaging helper called dh_elpa
(for the punny among you, pronounced D-helpa) that installs upstream
emacs lisp "packages" for GNU emacs in a way that is compatible with the
native "elpa" packaging system [1].  Currently this has the limitation
that it doesn't deal with byte compilation at all, but for lots of
simple packages it works fine without it, and it means the resulting
packages can be maintainer-script free.

This might turn out to be a terrible idea and never leave experimental,
but I'm thinking of using the prefix "elpa-" for packages of this type.
For example I currently have a source package called "circe" [3] that
creates two binary packages elpa-circe and These are (cue flames) only
compatible with GNU Emacs, and only with emacs >= 24. On the other hand,
many interesting and useful packages fall into this category.

I haven't decided so far how this will relate to the current
emacsen-common infrastructure, if at all.

If your interested in playing with the tool, it's available in a
public git repo [2]. 

I'd suggest emacs related technical discussion to debian-emacsen@l.d.o
and discussion about package namespaces in debian-devel.  Please CC me
with any answers. I'm not on debian-devel, and I don't mind 2 copies for
the other list.


[1]: http://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/manual/html_node/elisp/Packaging.html#Packaging

[2]: git://pivot.cs.unb.ca/dh-elpa.git

[3]: git://pivot.cs.unb.ca/circe.git

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