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Re: emacs-snapshot or emacs$NUM-snapshot?

Sven Joachim <svenjoac@gmx.de> writes:

> Since you're talking in subjunctive here: are you aware of the
> snapshots available from http://emacs.orebokech.com/?

No, I wasn't aware of those. Probably because they are not in sid. :-)

>> I see two reasons for calling the packages emacs23-snapshot* as
>> opposed to emacs-snapshot:
>> a) There'd be a sane upgrade path once Emacs 23 is released.
> What upgrade path? Do you suggest that emacs23-snapshot should
> provide the emacs23 flavor? Otherwise this does not make sense to
> me.

So far, I was only thinking along the lines of putting proper Replaces
Conflicts fields into the emacs23 package once upstream decides to
release 23.1.

An `emacs23' flavor has the advantage that maintainers of Elisp
packages don't need to adjust their packages once a proper emacs23
package hits the archive.

>> b) Elisp packages can specify for which package they should be
>>    byte-compiled. A package that has worked fine with a pre-Emacs22
>>    snapshot package might fail once a post-Emacs22 snapshot package if
>>    we keep the name `emacs-snapshot'.
> If it fails, the package has to be adjusted anyway, if it is using a
> blacklist of flavors. And packages using a whitelist will have to be
> updated for every new snapshot (or other flavor).

Mhm, how many packages use a flavor whitelist and how many use a
blacklist? The sample files from debhelper don't seem to favor one or
the other.

> Which, given the laziness of many maintainers, sucks very much (just
> look at how many packages still depend on emacs21).

_That's_ a totally different problem whose symptoms might be improved
somewhat by mass-filing bugs against those pacakges -- and NMUing if
necessary. :-)


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