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emacs-snapshot or emacs$NUM-snapshot? (was: ITP: emacs.app -- The GNU Emacs editor on GNUstep)

David Kastrup <dak@gnu.org> writes:

> Hilko Bengen <bengen@debian.org> writes:
>> And could we please call it emacs23-snapshot?
> Why?  It is a current packaging of the trunk.  What feature set
> constitutes "Emacs 23" is an evolving matter.  There is no distinctive
> difference between "emacs22-snapshot" and "emacs23-snapshot".

The feature set that makes up Emacs 22 is pretty much fixed, isn't it?

Even if the feature set for Emacs 23 hasn't been set in stone (and I'd
expect it to stay that way for a while), I think that a set of
-snapshot packages that track development towards Emacs 23 would be
useful for developers and Debian maintainers who work on Elisp
packages. Not to mention users of Debian's unstable distribution (who
will get to keep both pieces if anything breaks). The -snapshot
packages probably shouldn't become a part of stable releases.

I see two reasons for calling the packages emacs23-snapshot* as
opposed to emacs-snapshot:

a) There'd be a sane upgrade path once Emacs 23 is released.

b) Elisp packages can specify for which package they should be
   byte-compiled. A package that has worked fine with a pre-Emacs22
   snapshot package might fail once a post-Emacs22 snapshot package if
   we keep the name `emacs-snapshot'.


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