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Re: Debian emacs21: can't bind umlaut keys

Peter Daum <gator_ml@yahoo.de> writes:
>> Not really related to the problem, but why do you use unibyte mode?
>> It is very much deprecated, you will not be able to edit or view utf-8
>> encoded text.
> Fortunately, I don't usually need UTF-8 (Even in multibyte mode and with
> a suitable font, I never managed persuading emacs to correctly display
> an utf-8-encoded file)

In general, you are far better off using multibyte-mode (the default)
unless you have a specific reason to _avoid_ it -- Emacs simply works
better in multibyte-mode (even if you don't specially use multibyte
character sets).  Unibyte-mode is kept only for backward compatibility,
and I suspect will be removed at some point.


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