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Re: Debian emacs21: can't bind umlaut keys

Sven Joachim wrote:
> Not really related to the problem, but why do you use unibyte mode?
> It is very much deprecated, you will not be able to edit or view utf-8
> encoded text.

Fortunately, I don't usually need UTF-8 (Even in multibyte mode and with
a suitable font, I never managed persuading emacs to correctly display
an utf-8-encoded file)

> A possible workaround would be to use the following:
> (local-set-key [228] "ae") 

This only works in the Debian Emacs Package (normally, the weird
calculations from my code example are needed to get emacs' representation
of the character). I am still trying to figure out, what exactly is the
difference in Debian emacs, that is causing this behavior.

> No, except that I would recommend you to use Emacs 22 instead of Emacs
> 21.  There are packages at http://emacs.orebokech.com/ which are
> fairly well integrated into Debian (I use these myself).

"Weekly snapshot" doesn't sound too promising as far as stability is
concerned - I guess, I rather wait for a backport of the release version...

                         Peter Daum

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