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Re: Debian emacs21: can't bind umlaut keys

Peter Daum writes:
> Fortunately, I don't usually need UTF-8 (Even in multibyte mode and with
> a suitable font, I never managed persuading emacs to correctly display
> an utf-8-encoded file)

Unless you live on an island, sooner or later you will retrieve UTF-8
encoded files, as this is standard in most GNU/Linux distributions
today, including Debian.  One more reason to switch to Emacs 22, which
supports UTF-8 very well.

> "Weekly snapshot" doesn't sound too promising as far as stability is
> concerned - I guess, I rather wait for a backport of the release version...

The snapshots are currently taken from the Emacs 22 release branch and
only contain bug fixes that are meant for Emacs 22.2.  Thus, they are
in fact as stable as Emacs 22.1, if not more.  This is likely to
change in the future, so I would recommend to grab emacs-snapshot
_now_ and avoid upgrades.

One important reason to prefer emacs-snapshot over emacs22 is that the
latter was not part of Debian before the Etch release and the various
add-on Elisp packages in Etch do not support it well.  Contrastingly,
the emacs-snapshot had been in Debian for more than 18 months and the
vast majority of Elisp packages in Etch work very well with it.

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