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Re: Consequences of moving Emacs Manuals to non-free

On Wed, 15 Mar 2006 00:33:31 +0100, Xavier Maillard <zedek@gnu.org> said:

>    From: Michael Olson <mwolson@gnu.org>

>>    I've chosen the latter.  That is, replacing Debian on my own
>> machine, and no longer advocating the installation of Debian.  I'll
>> continue to maintain Debian packages for my Emacs-based software for
>> at least a month or two, depending on whether I choose Ubuntu, which
>> uses Debian packages.

> This is the official position of the GNU people as we can see on the
> GNU/Linux distribution recommendation page.

Note that GNU's non-recommendation of Debian is quite old, and is due to
the fact that Debian maintains the non-free and contrib portions of its
archive.  (Even though Debian's position has always been that non-free
and contrib are not part of Debian proper.)

Ironically, non-free is now where a lot of GFDLed document will end up.

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