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Re: Consequences of moving Emacs Manuals to non-free

Jérôme Marant wrote:

The Project has decided that invariant sections were unacceptable.
You could help us by talking to GNU people and asking them to remove
those invariant sections from their documentation.

Well, this may stand a chance with some GNU maintainers, but with RMS?!
I guess I'd be wasting my time, since he has clearly stated his
opinions about that matter.

Newbies usually don't use Emacs. Experienced users are smart enough
to add non-free to their source.list APT file, and grab docs from there.
Were are talking about the info documentation.

I think that docs are going to be moved to an emacs-docs package and
emacs21 will suggest it. I don't think it should go to contrib.

Yeah, after all, the social contract merely states:

      We will never make the system require the use
      of a non-free component.

Now I realize what that means: "The system" does not require the
non-free documentation, although one could argue that its users and
developers probably will require it.  Quite sophisticated.

Does C-h C-p points to the documentation (info documentation) or to
the DOC file ?

Neither, it points to the file THE-GNU-PROJECT in Emacs' data-directory.
That file is unmodifiable and has to be removed from main.  Nothing
really bad should happen though, only some "no such file or directory"
error.  Be prepared for some bug reports.

I guess some patches will have to be added to handle such cases, yes.

I'm sorry you don't like this. I'm not really fond of it either, but I
have the choice of either do what the Project decided or resign from the
Project. I've chosen the former.

Thank you very much for this decision.


Sven Joachim

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