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site-lisp directory for Emacs flavors

The Debian Emacs Policy says:

|   /usr/share/<flavor>/site-lisp should be used instead of the normal
|   site-lisp directory for that flavor of emacs, and the package for a
|   given flavor of emacs should not have the normal site-lisp
|   directory.  For example, instead of the emacs21 package having
|   /usr/share/emacs/21.1/site-lisp, it should only have
|   /usr/share/emacs21/site-lisp.  This is important because it allows
|   us to avoid having dangling directories for old versions across
|   upgrades.  We could have chosen to keep a compatibility symlink, but
|   that seemed likely to mask bugs in the debianized packages.

Actually, this compatibility symlink exists in current Debian Emacsen,
so this paragraph and especially the last sentence makes little sense
to me.  Can somebody shed a light on this?

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