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Question about debian-emacs-policy


I'm an Fink developer. Fink has adopted the debian-emacs-policy, but I
found some ambiguities. Tell me about details of Debian's current

* subdirs.el and debian-pkg-add-load-path-item

The debian-emacs-policy seems to claim that site-start.d/NN*.el's are
responsible to insert packages' directories into load-path via

But some of Debian's emacsen (at least emacs21-common) have
site-start.el at/usr/share/<flavor>/site-lisp. It means (right?)
/usr/share/<flavor>/site-lisp (or maybe
/usr/share/emacs/<upstream>/site-lisp) is added to load-path twice.
Which of statements is right?

1. The debian-emacs-policy exactly implies load-path may contain a
directory twice or more. Anyway elisp packages must insert its
directory into load-path explicitly.

2. Emacs packages (at least emacs21-common) is broken. subdirs.el
should not exist in /usr/share/<flavor>/site-lisp.

3. The debian-emacs-policy is obsolete. Now subdirs.el and something
equivalent of XEmacs do what we need.

4. Ambiguous now.

5. Anythong else, or I am misunderstanding something.

* Are site-start.d/NN*.el's must be ConfFiles?

1. They must be ConfFiles. Each site-start.d/NN*.el must test whether
its elisp package is still installed or removed.

2. They may not be ConfFiles. Providing that a site-start.d/NN*.el
will rarely edited by system administrators, it is immediately removed
at dpkg --remove.

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