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Re: Debian emacspeak package too old?

Peter -

Actually, Mario Lang agreed to take the emacspeak package over last
January.  Unfortunately he doesn't seem to have made any uploads since
then.  Bigger challenge than expected, maybe.  He might appreciate an
NMU.  I'm certainly willing to turn the package over to someone else.

	      - Jim Van Zandt


Date: 31 Jan 2005 22:12:29 -0500
To: mlang@debian.org
CC: jeroen@wolffelaar.nl
Subject: Re: Your Debian packages

Mario -

Okay, emacspeak is yours.

My draft package for emacspeak-21 is at http://jrv.oddones.org/
If you search for text "emacspeak-21" there are several links, which
include the .diff file.

Compared to the -17 package, I've changed debian/rules to build the
html files and install them under /usr/share/doc/emacspeak/html.  

The package installs the .el files in
copies them to 
and compiles them there.  I had been compiling with a fragile set of
commands, which broke this time.  I decided to do it properly, using
the Makefile from the sources.  The compilations now
succeed, but emacspeak won't start.  The final messages are:

   Loading emacspeak-loaddefs (source)...done
   Loading emacspeak-cus-load (source)...done
   eval-buffer: Wrong type argument: keymapp, nil

I don't know what is going wrong.  Maybe you can figure it out.  Or
maybe you would be better off starting over with dh_make.

I'll be willing to answer questions - though I'm leaving for a
business trip tomorrow, and won't be back until Friday night.

Good luck!

	- Jim Van Zandt

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>Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 13:27:34 -0400
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>csj@myrealbox.com wrote:
>> I noticed that the Debian emacspeak package still stands at
>> version 17.0, while emacspeak 22 has long been available at
>> SourceForge (emacspeak.sf.net). If there aren't any outstanding
>> issues, would it be possible for a developer to do, say, an NMU
>> of this package?
>Ouch.  Last maintainer upload on 2003-03-16 and NMU'ed on 2005-01-27 to
>fix a release-critical bug.  It doesn't look good for this package...
>James, please consider orphaning the package if you have no time to give
>to it.
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