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mh-e for emacs-snapshot and icon images directory

Hi all,

MH-E (packaged as mh-e in Debian) has moved it's CVS repository to Emacs
itself.  Therefore, I should probably skip package setup for the
emacs-snapshot flavour.  Agreed?


Secondly, the icon images have been moved out of the elisp directory in
CVS Emacs and into


For the mh-e package, I have placed them into


but I am being lobbied to place them into simply


for symmetry and for later sharing with other packages.  Would people
object to me populating a site-lisp directory with so many files
directly?  I'm on the fence about this.  On one side, I like the
symmetry with how Emacs bundles them; on the other I don't like the
apparent added clutter in the site-lisp directory.

Any thoughts?


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