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Re: Committed emacs-snapshot-debian--main--0--patch-7

On Mon, 30 May 2005  Daniel Brockman <daniel@brockman.se> wrote:

> jsbien@mimuw.edu.pl (Janusz S. Bień) writes:
> > On Sun, 29 May 2005  Daniel Brockman <daniel@brockman.se> wrote:
> >> Jérôme Marant <jmarant@free.fr> writes:
> >>> jsbien@mimuw.edu.pl (Janusz S. Bień) writes:
> >>>
> >>>> My first quick tests concerned documentation. Although `C-h r'
> >>>> opens correctly the snapshot info manual, `C-h i' lists only the
> >>>> manual for 21.3. Is this intentional?
> >> 
> >> I've been annoyed by this too.  (Until now, I didn't notice the
> >> second entry either.)
> >
> > There is no second entry in my case, too.
> If you scroll down, there should be another entry named `Emacs'.
> Both Emacs entries appear in the `Emacs' section at the top.

You're right, I missed it.

> Actually, I see now that there are really *three* entries in my dir.
> And as if by some work of magic, the first entry here now points to
> the correct node (i.e., the one corresponding to 22.0.50).

I have two Emacs section, one after "Development" and one after
"Editors". The first if for 21.3 and the second for 22.0.50.


> > This bug manifested itself some time ago in an official Emacs
> > package. Unfortunately I was then too busy to report it and I don't
> > remember now which version it concerned.
> Do you want to report it now?

Unfortunately I cannot reproduce it now.

Best regards


dr hab. Janusz S. Bien, prof. UW -  Uniwersytet Warszawski (Katedra Lingwistyki Formalnej)
Prof. Janusz S. Bien - Warsaw Uniwersity (Chair of Formal Linguistics)
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