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Re: Some XEmacs issues and proposals

On 4282 September 1993, J. wrote:
> I think this requires some changes in the policy:
> Common .el files could be installed in /usr{,/local}/share/emacsen/site-lisp
> which is not a standard location in Emacsen's path.
> It would replace /usr/{,/local}/share/emacs/site-lisp in both Emacsen
> paths and the problem would vanish.

As elaborated elsewhere in this thread, I think that such a change
requires an appropriate message when upgrading XEmacs. 

> Any other idea?

No, but please note that it's in some respect only a partial solution,
as it doesn't fix the two problems of possible load-path shadows (but
that's okay, IMHO, it's not really solvable) and of binary
incompatibilites. I.e., if the user tries to byte-compile any files in
$PREFIX/emacsen/* it's likely that he ends up with *elc that just work
under one version of Emacs. The policy should thus contain a note that
files under emacsen should not be byte-compiled. The only clean way
around this is to move any byte-compiled file to a version-specific


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