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Re: Questions about emacs-snapshot (and also a small patch)

Daniel Brockman <daniel@brockman.se> writes:
> (I also realize that Miles did not indent to start an argument about
> this, and for all I know loathes the `changes --diffs' spelling as
> much as anyone.)

FWIW, while I don't loathe `.. changes --diffs', I do like plain
`... diff' better.  In practice, I find I'm not particularly bothered by
the tla command though; it simply isn't enough of an annoyance to

Anyway, I wasn't trying to say "baz sucks" or anything, just YMMV.  I'll
try out baz 1.3 when I get the chance -- maybe it's much better than
previous versions -- but I'm not admin on the main system where I use
such things , so I can't just install the debian package, and baz (even
1.3) is something of a pain to compile from source.

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