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Re: copy and paste between two xemacs frames on Debian

    "tpc" == tpc  <tpc@csua.berkeley.edu> writes:

    tpc> I just installed a fresh copy of Debian Sarge and am running
    tpc> xemacs-21.4.15-gnome-mule.  I have two xemacs frames open
    tpc> editing two different documents.  I remember I was able to
    tpc> copy and paste before between two xemacs frames, but now when
    tpc> I select some text with my mouse in one frame, click copy,
    tpc> and go to the other xemacs frame to paste by pressing Ctrl-Y
    tpc> or clicking Paste, I get:

    tpc> Kill ring is empty or there is no clipboard selection

Do you see this with xemacs21-nomule or xemacs21-mule? I believe what
you are observing is specific to the gnome build (which I don't use,
and don't have since my main desktop machine died because of a
motherboard failure).


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