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copy and paste between two xemacs frames on Debian

has anyone here installed a fresh Debian distribution, and then installed
xemacs ? I just installed a fresh copy of Debian Sarge and am running
xemacs-21.4.15-gnome-mule.  I have two xemacs frames open editing two
different documents.  I remember I was able to copy and paste before
between two xemacs frames, but now when I select some text with my mouse
in one frame, click copy, and go to the other xemacs frame to paste by
pressing Ctrl-Y or clicking Paste, I get:

Kill ring is empty
there is no clipboard selection

Does anyone know how I get these two xemacs frames to recognize what's
being copied or cut in the other frame ?  I emailed the xemacs-mule list,
the debian-desktop list and also posted this question to


I did what the guys suggested, using Ctrl-Insert and Shift-Insert and my
first and second mouse buttons, to no avail.  The option does not show up
in the other xemacs frame for me to paste.  I seem to be able to copy from
xemacs and paste in firefox or gedit or gnome-terminal, just for some
reason I can no longer paste to another xemacs frame, which to me is
bizarre.  I have reproduced this behavior on Debian testing as well.

I am using kernel version 2.6.7-1-386

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