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Re: jde can't find bsh.jar with emacs-snapshot

    "Kai" == Kai Grossjohann <kai@emptydomain.de> writes:

    Kai> I built a new Emacs snapshot, and C-c C-v C-z in a .java file
    Kai> results in an error that it can't find the specified bsh.jar
    Kai> file:

    Kai> bsh: Specified BeanShell jar filed does not exist:
    Kai> /usr/share/emacs-snapshot/site-lisp/java/lib/bsh.jar

    Kai> So I went to the directory shown below and made a symlink:

    Kai> 14:12 $?=0 /usr/share/emacs-snapshot/site-lisp/java
    Kai> root@ketchup# ln -s ../../../java lib

    Kai> I don't have time to investigate; perhaps this is pilot
    Kai> error.  If you suspect so, then I can try to investigate some
    Kai> more in a specific direction.  Sorry that I don't have time
    Kai> to get to the bottom of this -- the Java code has got to get
    Kai> finished...

    Kai> Wild guess at relevant packages:

    Kai> 14:16 $?=0 ~ ketchup% apt-show-versions -r 'bsh|jde|cedet|semant' 

Well, I don't know emacs-snapshot, and I use xemacs, but here goes

~$ dlocate bsh.jar
xemacs21-basesupport: /usr/share/xemacs21/xemacs-packages/etc/jde/java/lib/bsh.jar

JDE usually looks for the bsh.jar file based on what the function
jde-find-jde-data-directory returns. If jde-find-jde-data-directory is
not returning the base to from which "java/lib/bsh.jar" can be found
that might be the root of your problem.

But, going a little further I see

~$ dpkg --contents jde_2.3.3-2_all.deb | grep bsh.jar

Hmmm...sounded like a bug to me....until I did

:~$ apt-cache search beanshell
bsh - Java scripting environment

So, do you have the bsh package installed?

Apologies if I'm merely repeating facts you are already well aware of.


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