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How to maintain emacs-snapshot-ized packages?

It seems that many Emacs Lisp packages are built for Emacs 21 only,
and they require tweaks to work with emacs-snapshot.

I'm looking for a convenient way to maintain such packages for

This would mean, I guess, to fetch the source package, then tweak it,
then build it.  So I'm looking for something which allows me to
auto-tweak it after fetching and before building.  Something that is
approximately as easy as doing "apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade".

Any suggestions?


PS: I'm already a happy user of the pre-tweaked auctex package from
    people.debian.org/~salve/apt, but I would be interested in Gnus
    (from CVS) and the Debian utilities; not sure which others.

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