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[Q]: Emacs on Debian: how all of this works ?

Yo (again),

I am just thinking at giving up daily CVS build for several
packages (including Emacs himself, Gnus, tramp, etc...).

My main problem is quite simple: I used to do all by myself. That
means, my .emacs and .gnus have been getting bigger as long as
time passed.

I used to download/cvs/whatever all piece of interesting packages
and initialize them by myself.

Now, if I plan to «switch» to using Debian package, it would be
cool if I could get informations on how all of this is
organized ? How configuration is holded ? Does it need me to do
extra stuff or may I squeeze totally my .emacs ?

In fact I want to go deeply into Emacsen stuff: what it does, how
it does, ...

May someone help me in that quest ?

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EMACSFR.ORG                      http://emacsfr.org/
Xavier Maillard                  Tel: +33 6 68 04 64 37

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