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Re: Status of x-symbol?

Marcus Frings <iam-est-hora-surgere@despammed.com> writes:

> * jmarant@nerim.net (Jérôme Marant) wrote:
>> He hasn't done anything for 4 months. Did you write to him personaly?
> No, I didn't send a ping to him but just took a quick look at the open
> bug reports for x-symbol and searched for answers of him to these
> reports (which are very old partially). How can I find out if a DD is
> MIA?

You can't. Well, at least the bug report backlog shall give some ideas.

> I looked at <URL:https://db.debian.org/> and
> <URL:http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=dunham@debian.org> but
> these didn't show much information. Is the echelon service (mentioned in
> the Developer's Reference) only available after real logins at db.d.o?

Yes, Echelon is only available to DDs.

>> In the meantime, you could prepare an updated package. If you're not
>> a DD, it doesn't matter.
> Yeah, but then I would probably need to beg a DD for sponsorship, right?


> I have already thought of preparing an updated package of x-symbol but
> then I just decided to install the current upstream package (which also
> doesn't seem to be heavily maintained nowadays) via the given
> instruction for GNU Emacs on the webpage.

What you need is basically to unpack the tarball, copy the debian dir
into it and finally rename the tarball to x-symbol_x.y-z.orig.tar.gz.
Then cd x-symbol-x.y-z and debuild.

However, please ping him first and you'll see.

> If I created a native Debian package of the new upstream version there
> would be the problem that I can't test it under XEmacs since I only use
> GNU Emacs.

It is not really difficult. Just install xemacs21-nomule and you'll
see if it compiles fine with it when installing x-symbol.

>> BTW, could you please shorten your message IDs? I do appreciate latin
>> quotations, but not in message IDs :-P
> Hehehehehe. Well, actually the length of my MID is RFC-valid and is my
> personal revenge to OE users who always put the referenced MID into the
> attribution line. I'll think of changing the MID for this list.

Yes, please :-)

Jérôme Marant


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