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disappearing emacs

This query refers to:

		 GNU Emacs 21.3.1 (i386-pc-linux-gnu)

from the emacs21 package in testing, running under Debian testing.

The problem occurs only under X (the window-manager is sawfish; no
GNOME or KDE). The kernel-version is 2.6.4 (self-compiled) but I've
seen the problem under a number of different kernel-versions.

The problem is that emacs crashes without warning and without
error-message (the window simply disappears) in the middle of routine
editing. The event leaves no trace, and it happens so quickly that
it's hard to know for sure what key-sequence triggers it.  I know,
though, that it happened this afternoon in response to 3 successive
instances of Ctl-k (kill-line) and my very strong sense is that it has
happened on other occasions in response to Ctl-d (delete-char).

This happens on two different machines, configured in basically the
same way.

The only bug-reports that I can find that sort of resemble this are:

  135895, (crash in response to pressing the Euro key when UTF-8 is
  enabled) but (if I read it correctly) what is described there is a
  consistent crash. Here this happens every couple of weeks but not

  166193, which seems closer but involves also VM

I'm sorry to be so uninformative, but these events leave no
information at all to report---on the console or in the logs.

I've used ulimit to set the coredumpsize to unlimited, but I've not
managed to catch a core-dump so far.

Am I completely insane, or has anyone else seen behaviour like this?


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