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records mode: error getting TODOs


anyone out there using records successfully ?

I'm using 
  ii  emacs21          21.3+1-4       The GNU Emacs editor
  ii  records-gnuemacs 1.4.9-3        Save and index notes in Emacs environment
  ii  records-common   1.4.9-3        Save and index notes in Emacs environment

I create a record and include a TODO in the body (as suggested in the info
pages) in today's record file, say.

The next day I 'records-goto-today' and press 'C-c / g' to trigger the
function 'records-get-todo' (defined in records-util.el).

It will fetch the subject of the record with the TODO item from yesterday
correctly, but will fail to get the TODO item itself.

*Messages* says:
  Wrote /home/ew/records/index
  Wrote /home/ew/records/dindex
  Symbol's value as variable is void: current-pre­fix-arg

Anyone else seeing this? Is it me being stupid, using records the wrong
way? Is it a version thing like "works with emacs20 or emacs19" which I
didn't try. 

I found apparently newer sources at
(advertised as 1.5.0)

The ChangeLog or bugs do not mention the problem as far as I can tell.
Trying to use this code instead did not solve the problem, allthough I'm
not absolutely certain, I didn't screw something else.

Maybe records is not the route to go. I saw planner.el, but have not tried
it yet. Comments?

Any pointers are appreciated.


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