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Re: XEmacs in a bad shape

Quoting Neil Roeth <neil@debian.org>:

> On Jan  5, Jérôme Marant (jmarant@nerim.net) wrote:
>  > FYI, xemacs21 has currently 6 RC bugs and most of them have not
>  > been worked on. The maintainer doesn't seem to be very responsive.
>  > Anyone using XEmacs willing to help?
> I submitted one of them (206667), and provided the patch for another
> (201657)
> which hasn't been applied yet.  I can take a look at 200430 or 207412.  What
> are you going to do?  Do you have a PPC or m68k by any chance, so that you
> could tackle 206667 or 223736?  Does anyone else have one of these

I'm a GNU Emacs user and I'm quite busy with working on its package
currently. But since I have a PPC box, so I may have a look.

> architectures and the willingness to tackle one of these?

I'm going to ask on debian-devel which is a larger audience.


Jérôme Marant

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