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XEmacs in a bad shape

On Jan  5, Jérôme Marant (jmarant@nerim.net) wrote:
 > FYI, xemacs21 has currently 6 RC bugs and most of them have not
 > been worked on. The maintainer doesn't seem to be very responsive.
 > Anyone using XEmacs willing to help?

I submitted one of them (206667), and provided the patch for another (201657)
which hasn't been applied yet.  I can take a look at 200430 or 207412.  What
are you going to do?  Do you have a PPC or m68k by any chance, so that you
could tackle 206667 or 223736?  Does anyone else have one of these
architectures and the willingness to tackle one of these?

Neil Roeth

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