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can't type "Internet" or "internet"

I find with these modes
7 lines matching "mode.*:" in buffer *Help*.
      4:Message mode:
      6:Like Text Mode but with these additional commands:
    157:Mml minor mode (indicator MML):
    201:Mc-Write minor mode (indicator MC-w):
    215:Flyspell minor mode (indicator Fly):
    244:Abbrev minor mode (indicator Abbrev):
    250:auto-fill-function minor mode (indicator Fill):

it is very hard to type the words
Internet or internet
they get changed to
Interned or interned
upon the following SPC.

Try hitting R in gnus to this message and see if you can type Internet
and then a SPC without it getting changed.

I see if I turn off Abbrev mode, all is ok.  Turning off Flyspell mode
was not enough.

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