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Re: Customizing wanderlust reply header

csj@myrealbox.com wrote:

> Peter S Galbraith wrote:
> > (I might add one for MH-E, now that the subject has come up.)
> I like to try out mh-e.

Good!  :-)
>                          But there's a conflict between it and
> wl, which I'm already using as my primary MUA.  Is there any
> possibility of this getting resolved?

wl depends on semi, and gnus conflicts with semi.
mh-e recommends gnus but doesn't depend on it.  Installing gnus gives
MH-E better GPG support than you get with mailcrypt, and also handling
of HTML parts (in conjunction with w3-el-e21 or w3m-el).

So you can try most of MH-E without gnus installed.


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