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Re: Menu access in Xemacs

>>>>> On 28 Jul 2003 17:22:41 +0200, Bernhard Kleine <bernhard.kleine@mne.uka.de> said:

 Bernhard> Hallo, I use xemacs21.4-6 on two different debian woody
 Bernhard> machines. Both have been installed from the same debian
 Bernhard> mirror. the apt/sources.list files are equally identical
 Bernhard> since the second one is a copy of the first one.  Updates
 Bernhard> are also the same.

 Bernhard> I have now noticed some strange behaviour: While I can use
 Bernhard> the alt-key to access the menu items like File Edit View
 Bernhard> Cmds etc ( the F of file, the E of edit, the V of View
 Bernhard> etc. are underlined), I fail to use this shortcuts on the
 Bernhard> second machine. Since I have copied the init.el and the
 Bernhard> custom.el files from one machine to the .xemacs directory
 Bernhard> in my home directory, I cannot understand, why the same
 Bernhard> program runs differently on two machines.

 Bernhard> I have also checked the /usr/bin/xemacs /usr/bin/xemacs21
 Bernhard> links and it happened that one machine runs xemacs21-mule
 Bernhard> while the other one runs xemacs21-mule-canna-wnn. Starting
 Bernhard> the program without the links by typing the long file names
 Bernhard> did not change the access to the menu items.

 Bernhard> When I changed options->menubars-"alt/meta selects menu
 Bernhard> items" and saved the changed options to custom.el, nothing
 Bernhard> changed.

 Bernhard> Any help appreciated since I would be glad to avoid the
 Bernhard> mouse as much as possible

My best bet is that the key you are using on the two machines is
sending different key codes.  On each machine run "xev" (from an xterm
so you can see its output).  Put your mouse pointer in the little
white box that pops up and press the alt/meta key you are expecting to
be the same.  Look at the xterm for the output from xev.  Compare and


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