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Menu access in Xemacs

I use xemacs21.4-6 on two different debian woody machines. Both have
been installed from the same debian mirror. the apt/sources.list files
are equally identical since the second one is a copy of the first one.
Updates are also the same.

I have now noticed some strange behaviour: While I can use the alt-key
to access the menu items like File Edit View Cmds etc ( the F of file,
the E of edit, the V of View etc. are underlined), I fail to use this
shortcuts on the second machine. Since I have copied the init.el and the
custom.el files from one machine to the .xemacs directory in my home
directory, I cannot understand, why the same program runs differently on
two machines.

I have also checked the /usr/bin/xemacs /usr/bin/xemacs21 links and it
happened that one machine runs xemacs21-mule while the other one runs
xemacs21-mule-canna-wnn. Starting the program without the links by
typing the long file names did not change the access to the menu items.

When I changed options->menubars-"alt/meta selects menu items" and saved
the changed options to custom.el, nothing changed.

Any help appreciated since I would be glad to avoid the mouse as much as

Merci vielmals


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