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Re: Bug#193367: emacs-goodies-el: Can't remove package properly

P> If I do `apt-get remove emacs-goodies-el' which is a pretty method these
P> days, or if I `dpkg --remove emacs-goodies-el', the _config_ file
P> stays in place.  The next time I start Emacs, it loads the file.  Since
P> I have not added a condition in this file about `emacs-goodies-el'
P> actually being installed, the elisp is evaluated anyway.

# dlocate -S /etc/emacs20/site-start.d/20gnus-init.el
# dpkg --no-act --purge emacs20
# dpkg - warning: ignoring request to remove emacs20 which isn't installed.

BTW, I notice the debian design is that it assumes a single user
system where everybody wants to load all the stuff in site-start,
unlike at college.  Now individual users, if allergic to one part of
site-start, must... OK, never mind. I'm a single user. I mean I'm
married, but my wife has already "got a life", so the computer is all
for me.

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