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Re: FYI: GNU Emacs Manual to be moved to non-free

>>>>> "Thien-Thi" == Thien-Thi Nguyen <ttn@glug.org> writes:


Thien-Thi> fine fine.  let me just re-arrange your 1's and 0's and
Thien-Thi> misquote you:

Manoj> Funny [...] that documentation keeps [...] software [...]
Manoj> immutable and unremovable.

Thien-Thi> hmmm, that's not what you Meant?  but that's what you Said,
Thien-Thi> all i did was Excerpt some pieces.  don't Blame me for
Thien-Thi> exercising my rights!

You are confusing legal issues.  Misquoting someone is a completely
different issue from copyright, which is what this discussion is all
about.  (AFAICT, misquoting is more into the realm of slander/libel,
rather than copyright.)

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