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Re: FYI: GNU Emacs Manual to be moved to non-free

> Hi Emacs users,
>   There is an ongoing discussion on debian-legal about the license of
>   GNU Manuals. These manuals, an among them the GNU Emacs Manual,
>   are licenses under GDFL but have invariant sections that are
>   considered by Debian as non-free (if Debian decides to apply
>   DFSG to documentation).  I don't like the idea of seeing the GNU
>   Emacs Manual going to non-free but I have to admit that Debian is
>   acting the right way and fairly.

There are already very few users who stay away from non-free in their

I am sure almost no one consider FSF's manuals unfree just because
DSFG thinks they are, and that we all want to continue to use them,
whether or not these issues get resolved.  IOW, most of these users
will continue to want to use these manuals.

The net effect of this will be to force these few users to add nonfree
into our sources.list..  which will make it very hard for us to find
out what is free what is not before installing it.. and only serve as
a huger inconvenience.

If you *have* to do this, until the situation is resolved with FSF,
can they atleast be put in a different section, say "nonfree-but-gnu"
(or abbreviated as "gnu"), so we can put that section in our
sources.list and still not have to put "nonfree" in our sources.list?

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