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Re: Splitting of XEmacs21 elisp packages

James Troup <james@nocrew.org> writes:

> Daniel Schepler <schepler@math.berkeley.edu> writes:
>> I've made a first rough version of a splitting of
>> xemacs21-{base,mule}support into individual packages.  These packages
>> are at
> Err, is this some sort of May 1st joke?  Please tell me this isn't
> intended for upload into the archive proper.  73 new packages?  Why?

As long as there is an xemacs-sumo package which pulls them all in, I
see no problem.

People do "apt-get install xemacs-sumo" and get all of the packages.
And when one of them changes, "apt-get dist-upgrade" has to download
only a little bit.  (Whereas with the huge-package approach, when one
subpackage changes, users have to download the whole thing.)

I don't use XEmacs, myself, but it strikes me as a useful idea.

I guess that it might be possible to automatically make a *.deb from
an XEmacs package.  That would also be very nifty.  Then people could
install the most recent XEmacs packages as Debian packages which
would be quite nifty.

(The same thing would be useful for CPAN packages, and perhaps CTAN
ones, etc pp.)

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