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Re: Splitting of XEmacs21 elisp packages

Daniel Schepler <schepler@math.berkeley.edu> writes:

> Browsing through the wishlist bugs on xemacs21-packages, I've seen
> several requests for the ability to remove parts of the XEmacs
> support code, either to save disk space or to replace them with
> newer upstream versions.

I really don't buy the saving disk space argument; anyone seriously
short of disk space isn't going to be running xemacs.  The replacement
argument also seems entirely frivilous unless xemacs is wildly
different from emacs (e.g. with emacs, you can happily install a newer
gnus even tho an older copy is also included with emacs).

> Also, upstream often releases updates to just one or a few of these
> modules.  By splitting the packages, it would become easier to keep
> them up to date without requiring users to download 18 MB every week
> or two.

They don't have to download it if they don't want to and the "every
week or two" argument seems a bit, err, contrived given the actual
history of Debian uploads.

> Hmm, on the other hand it _is_ a lot of packages, which could be
> confusing to users.

And hugely unlikely to get out of NEW, TBH.  There's just no
reasonable excuse for having so many tiny packages.


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